Appen Limited is a locally owned publicly listed company that derives revenue from the provision of data solutions and services for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, utilised by government agencies, auto manufacturers and global technology firms. The company employs over 500 people, operates in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and China, and is administered by its head office in Chatswood, New South Wales.

Appen Limited is listed on the ASX under the code APX. 

Appen Limited is engaged in the provision of machine-learning and artificial intelligence services derived from human annotated training datasets, and divides its business into two primary operating divisions: 

  • Content Relevance - This division provides search technology solutions through annotated datasets, which improves the accuracy and relevance of search engines, increases social engagement and enhances social media applications and eCommerce. 
  • Language Resources - This division provides annotated speech, natural lanuage and image data for speech and image recognisers, speech synthesisers, and auxiliary technologies to enhance the engagement and fluency of electronics including in-car automative systems, internet-connected devices and speech-enabled consumer devices.

The company provides a number of solutions and services to industries such as automotive, government, retail, healthcare, technology and financial services, through its two main business divisions, including:

  • Consultative Services 
  • Content Moderation
  • Data Collection
  • Field Testing
  • Linguistics
  • Personalisation
  • Search Relevance
  • Secure Services
  • Secure Transcription
  • Speech Data Transcription
  • Translation and Localisation
  • Computer Vision
  • In-Car Navigation
  • Medical Imaging
  • Risk Management Models
  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

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