Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd is a Proprietary Company that is ranked number 242 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Food Product Manufacturing in Australia industry.

In 2018 the company generated total revenue of $1,868,113,000 including sales and other revenue. In 2018 Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd had 2247 employees in Australia including employees from all subsidiaries under the company's control.

The Chief Executive of Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd is Mr Craig Garvin whose official title is Regional Chief Executive Officer. The Chairman of Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd is either not applicable or not available. 

Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd (formerly known as Parmalat Australia) produces milk, juice and dairy products for both the Australian and export markets, producing and marketing a variety of products that include:

  • Milk – Pauls brand cow, goat and lactose free milk
  • Yoghurt – Vaalia, Calciyum, Ski, Soleil, Pauls and Soy Life yogurts
  • Creams – Pure, Dollop, Thickened and Sour creams
  • Custard – Regular, Low Fat and Premium custards
  • Beverages – Ice Break, Rush, Oak, Pauls Juice, So Juicy, Pauls Iced Coffee and Breaka flavoured milks and juices
  • Cheese – President brie cheese, Galbani mozzarella, Lemnos Mediterranean cheese
  • Desserts - Connoisseur ice cream, mousses and panna cottas

Additionally, Lactalis operates a home delivery service for its range of dairy items, as well as servicing the food service market with its range of products. 

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