Heat to Eat Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Vesco Foods, is a locally owned private company, deriving revenue from the provision of value-added food products for the local and export markets. The company operates through its Vesco and Prepared Food Australia divisions, employs approximately 320 full-time equivalent staff across its operations in Australia and is headquartered in Perth.

Heat to Eat Holdings’ ultimate parent is the Australia-based private equity firm, Catalyst Investment Managers Pty Limited. 

Heat To Eat Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Vesco, is involved in the provision of value-added food products for both the local and export markets through Vesco and Prepared Foods Australia. The company operates through the following brands:

  • On The Menu - a range of frozen and convenient ready to eat meals, including plated meals, entrée meals, family meals, breakfast, grab and go snacks, and grab and go petrol convenience stores.
  • Super Nature - healthy snap-frozen meals.
  • Annabel Karmel (ak) - includes snap-frozen meals for children, such as toddler meals 1-4 years, toddler meals 3+ meals, protein purees and fruit purees. Based off the best-selling international author, Annabel Karmel.
  • Super Green Smoothies - a range of super green smoothies, based-off Sally Obermerder’s best-selling book.
  • 7Star - comprises of home-style dishes for large groups, such as pasta, bakes, casseroles, high protein casseroles, carvery & sliced meats, curries & rice, high protein curries, and meatballs & burger patties.
  • Clever Cuisine - provides chef-inspired frozen meals, including, concentrated soups, lasagne, quiches, steak sauces, pasta sauces, toppings & fillings and pre-cooked meat products.
  • Health Cuisine - offers a variety of meals that cater for different dietary and nutritional needs within the health services sector in Australia, includes minced meat, egg & vegetarian meals, breakfast, sauces & vegetables, sweet purees, vegetable purees, pureed protein, high protein soups, sweets and other meals.
  • Enrico’s - a canteen brand which provides kids meals, kids pizzas and kids dessert.  
  • Jarraballi - offers Australian meat beef lasagne to the export market.

Through its Prepared Foods Australia division, the company is also involved in retail private brand manufacturing, food service private brand manufacturing and industrial component bulk manufacturing. Additionally, the company has manufacturing bases in Western Australia and Queensland. 

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