Insurance and Care NSW, trading as icare, is a government body that provides business support services such as providing staff, claims handling, facilities, general business expenses and governance services to the following insurers: Lifetime Care and Support Authority of NSW, New South Wales Self Insurance Corporation, NSW Workers Insurance Scheme, Sporting Injuries Compensation Authority and Workers Compensation Dust Diseases Authority. The organisation employs 660 people and is headquartered in Sydney. 

Insurance and Care NSW, trading as icare, provides business support services to the following insurers:

  • icare dust diseases care - Supports services for those with work-related dust disease. These services are provided through the Workers Compensation (Dust Diseases) Authority. 
  • icare home building compensation fund (hbcf) - Compulsory insurance for builders involved in residential projects over $20,000 (with some exemptions). The insurance is provided through the Home Building Compensation Fund. 
  • icare lifetime care - Care and support services for those who have been severely injured in motor accidents. These services are provided through Lifetime Care and Support Authority NSW. 
  • icare Insurance for NSW - Provides managed fund schemes for NSW government agencies and their employees. 
  • icare workers insurance - Provides insurance, injury protection and return-to-work services for both employees and workers. 
  • icare sports insurance - Insurance services for sporting organisations and school children for their sporting activities. These services are provided through the Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme. 

Icare also runs the icare foundation to fund research and programs focused on preventing injury and improving the wellbeing of those who have been injured. 

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