AusNet Services Ltd is a Public Company that is ranked number 230 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Electricity Supply in Australia industry.

In 2018 the company generated total revenue of $1,939,100,000 including sales and other revenue. The exact number of employees for this organisation is not available. 

The Chief Executive of AusNet Services Ltd is Mr Nino Ficca whose official title is Managing Director. The Chairman of AusNet Services Ltd is Mr Peter Mason whose official title is Independent Non-Executive Chairman. 

AusNet Services Ltd delivers a range of energy-related products and services to industrial and domestic customers. The group operates the following business segments:


  • Electricity Transmission - the network consists of over 6,500 kilometres of transmission lines and over 13,000 high voltage towers which carry electricity at high voltages from power stations to electricity distributors around Victoria.


  • Electricity Distribution - the network span is approximately 50,000 kilometres in eastern Victoria that carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid to about 670,000 end users.


  • Gas Distribution - the network span is approximately 10,478 km in length and transports gas to over 633,184 end users across western and central Victoria.


  • Select Solutions - the commercial arm of the company, which operates four divisions that offer expertise and services to customers including:

- Data and Measurement Solutions (DMS) - provides end-to-end electricity, gas and water metering services.

- Utility Solutions - provides vegetation and easement management services via vegetation management system (VMS). The division also offers asset inspection services and reporting on condition of utilities assets.

- Telecommunications Services - provides access to the AusNet Services’ network of communications towers and high voltage transmission towers which are used as telecommunications antenna sites. Space is leased on AusNet Services’ infrastructure for third parties' equipment.

- Technical Services - provide a wide range of services from analytical tests through to up-market consultancy services offered to the energy industry in Australia and the overseas market.

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