ISS Facility Services Australia Limited


ISS Facility Services Australia Limited is a Public Company that is ranked number 601 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Commercial Cleaning Services in Australia industry.

In 2018 the company generated total revenue of $735,822,000 including sales and other revenue. In 2018 ISS Facility Services Australia Limited had 11712 employees in Australia including employees from all subsidiaries under the company's control.

The Chief Executive of ISS Facility Services Australia Limited is Mr Scott Davies whose official title is Chief Executive Officer - Australia & New Zealand. The Chairman of ISS Facility Services Australia Limited is either not applicable or not available. 

ISS Facility Services Australia Limited provides facility services to sectors such as government, healthcare, commercial, aviation and transport, and resources and energy. The company operates through the following divisions:

Facility Management - This division provides services such as workplace management, risk management, supply chain management and facilities administration.

Cleaning Services -  Provides services under these 4 subdivisions:

  • Daily Cleaning (including interior and floor cleaning, washroom services, dust control, collection and deployment of mats, and vacuum cleaning)
  • Periodical Cleaning (including carpet cleaning, maintenance of floor, window cleaning, road sweeping, pavement and sidewalk, and grounds clearing)
  • Special Cleaning (including fixtures, duct cleaning, height cleaning, telephone and computer, laundry services, and facade cleaning)
  • Segment Cleaning (segments include office, health care, industrial, food hygiene, cleanroom and retail)

Security Services - Provider of transport and aviation security for transport infrastructure businesses. Security solutions can also be tailored to different organisations.   

Property Services -  This division provides services such as facility management and asset management, project management, grounds maintenance, and large area sweeping.

Support Services - Provision of temporary employee placement for such functions such as concierge services, reception work and mail delivery amongst other services.

Catering Services - Provides tailored catering solutions to meet clients needs and service requirements.

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